Welcome to CK Coaching 


A wiseman once told me 'Craig, you're in a hole, so STOP digging'.

Sage advice...and advice I have never forgotten.

CK Coaching is all about helping people find the balance between their normal lives and fulfilling their sporting goals.

I also understand the passion required to take on a challenge and then achieve your goals. It takes planning, knowledge, patience, perseverence and hardwork.

I am a realist. I've been there. I know that 99% of people have a 8am to 5pm job, they have a family, they have other responsibilities, and dramas in their lives. Training needs to be balanced, it needs fit in around the other important things in your life. 

Be warned though; don't confuse this with a softly softly approach...I will ask you to put in the hardwork - sweat and pain will both be required.