The Coach

Craig has endurance sport in his blood, it is like a disease. After years of competing at the highest level as both a runner and a triathlete what else would you call it?

Craig started coaching informally in 2003, but it took him 10yrs (and a well timed redundancy) to make it formal, and for CK Coaching to be born in October 2013.

Craig enjoys nothing more than seeing his athletes realise they can push the boundaries of what they thought was possible. Achieve what seemed impossible, and then look forward to the next challenge. You could be coming off the couch to run for 5min without a walk, or it could be you want to finish a 50km bike event; or maybe you want to improve your Marathon or Ironman PB. It doesn’t matter where you are starting from Craig can help you achieve your goals.

Craig not only has years of experience, he also has a Bachelors Degree in Sport Science, and is an accredited and registered with Triathlon and Athletics New Zealand.

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Coach CK @ the
2013 Ironman World Championships